Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Open-faced Ham and Avacado Breakfast Sandwiches (Gluten- Free)

~15 min

To make these delicious breakfast sandwiches you will need the following:


  • pre-cooked ham slices
  • sliced mozzarella cheese
  • half an avocado per sandwich
  • masa harina for tortillas
  • beef grease or any other high temperature oil, vegetable is fine

First prep the tortillas. Use about three tablespoons for a 4 inch wide tortilla.
 Add just enough water to get the flour to stick together in a ball. About 1 tablespoon.
Now go ahead and make a ball of the dough to see if you need more water or not. Adjust accordingly. It should stick together like this:
On a cutting board press the ball as flat as you can get it without it breaking. Using a broad flat knife (like this Santoku) scrape the tortilla off of the cutting board. At this point I usually flip it over and press it again to make it flatter. I'll usually repeat this flipping and pressing about four times until it is about 2 cm thin. (It goes quickly once you get the hang of it)
 To cook, generously grease a skillet with beef drippings or any other high temperature oil and turn the heat onto medium high. Once pre-heated, toss in the tortilla to cook for about 2-3 min each side. You'll know its done when it looks like these pictures:

Remove tortilla when cooked and throw in the ham to brown.
Now melt some cheese on top of the browned ham.
Cut up some avocado slices...
And have a lovely breakfast.