Sunday, December 1, 2013

Homemade Beef Stock/ Bone Broth

      The weather at night has officially hit below freezing here. As such it felt appropriate to post about soup broth to help banish those winter cold shivers. Homemade soup stock is a wonderful source of essential vitamins and minerals. Store bought broths are not as good for you due to the quality of meat and lack of bones ( no bones in bone broth?!) commercial makers use. Store brands also tend to supplement their products with  copious amounts of "flavoring"=MSG in the mix to help reduce costs. If you need more incentive to make your own stock, also note that Bone broth is a superfood! It is a wonderful source of nutrition and perfect for anyone with sensitive tummies that might be upset from illness. It is an essential food in many diets such as GAPS that work to restore proper gut flora to people that have poor digestive stamina.

I followed the recipe located at this site. Instead of Apple cider vinegar ( I don't like the taste of it) I used tomatoes and some rice vinegar to help draw out the nutrients from the bones.

I have been using my leftover beef grease drippings a lot these days, so I basted the bones and veggies in it and also made some Yorkshire puddings to eat with the broth. The puffy puddings turned out really lovely. Thanks to Closet Cooking for the recipe

Coated with beef grease drippings

The roasted Mirepoix and bones all together
 The herbs and sachet I made out of a slow cooker lining bag. My herbs are still vibrantly alive even after our first frost.
 After 8 hours it is dark outside and time for food.

 Grease drippings yum!
 These were as delicious as they look. They were marvelously puffy with a soft hollow interior and crunchy exterior shell that tasted great with the stock.