Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Featured Dessert Recipes from Against All Grain

The other day I stumbled on a wonderful blog called Against All Grain by Daniel Walker. I am always on the look-out for easy gluten free baking options and found her site to be full of great ideas. Most gluten free recipes require the use of three or more types of alternative flours. In the long run using this approach to gluten-free baking can be very costly not to mention it takes up a lot of space in your pantry!

In Daniel's blog she sticks to using primarily almond and coconut flour for all of her sweets. Not to mention she substitutes honey for cane sugar whenever possible which was a huge plus for me.

Since these recipes looked so delicious and simple I immediately set out to bake them and prove that they were more than what I supposed were just mythical sweets of legend.

I was very surprised and satisfied with my results. All of the recipes I tried were delicious and had no weird aftertastes or textures.

I tested out her banana muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and honey meringues. 

 I made a few substitutions in the recipe by subbing some chopped carrots for a banana since I didn't have enough.

The meringue cookies were really lovely too. Perfectly crispy and they tasted strongly of honey. However I find out that you cant leave these out overnight. Apparently the honey is hygroscopic enough that they get soggy unless covered or stored in containers.

I forgot to take pictures of the chocolate chip cookies. I ate them too fast. But take my word they were PERFECT.

Check out these recipes and more at Daniel's blog here: .