Monday, August 12, 2013

Crispy Fish Skins

~5 min
Next time you have fish for dinner and have leftover fish skins, don't just feed them to your cat. Save them and cook them to make crispy fish skins for later use. These are great on rice with seaweed and sesame seeds or on eggs in the morning.

  • fish skin
  • sesame oil 
Pour a dab of sesame oil into a cast iron or frying pan. Turn on medium heat. Once the pan has pre-heated throw in the fish skins.
Cook for approximately 2 min on each side. For safety, DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE STOVE TOP. These burn ridiculously easy. I've seen many recipes call for placing these in ovens to bake but I always burn mine! And when fish skins burn your house will smell like them for several days. And your pans will be stained. And you will miss out on some tasty crispy snacks. So don't be negligent here and have some patience. 

When the skins look like the one on the right in this photo they are done. They may not seem crispy in the hot pan, but when they cool they will be plenty crunchy.
The crunchy bacon like resulting fish.
Also don't forget to use that leftover fish oil now in the frying pan to cook some vegetables or etc.