Friday, November 14, 2014

Case study #1

I will probably start posting case studies of herbal treatments as I gain permission. Let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Case study #1
Age: 26
Sex: F

Symptoms: intense hormonal acne, irritability, painful heavy menses (however regular cycle), Slight constipation, mild unwarranted depression, currently recovering from plantar faciitis/tendonitis, chronic dry mouth

Basal body temperature ~97.7 (before ovulation)-98.1 (after). Night sweats/heat, cold extremities in the daytime. 
Tongue: hot, liver/heart/lung imbalance, complications in lower burner, lymph weakness (slightly enlarge papillae), slightly dry

Pulse: Deep. Normal beat/strength. No pulse upon light pressure.
Skin: pale, face slightly flushed. Dry. Tans easily.
Sleep: no troubles.
Diet: no dairy as it aggravates acne. Low in grain and sugar.

Medications: history of frequent antibiotic use and mefenamic acid to relieve menses pains.

What emotions do you have most frequently? Rank most frequent as 1 and least frequent as 6
Joy/Overexcitement (heart)
Anger (liver -> stomach and spleen)
Fear/sudden fright (kidneys)
Anxiety/worry (lungs ->L. Intestine)
Pensiveness/intense mental concentration (spleen)
Grief (lungs)

Personality: high energy levels so uses very intense exercise to relieve stress and jitters. Regulating blood sugar helped with jitteriness a bit. Makes lots of plans/motivated/not very empathetic. Forgetful.

Contrained (headache inducing) herbs: licorice, poke berry
Sleep induced very fast by: plantain tea, lavender tea, violet tea
Compatible herbs: red clover (acne clearing), yellow dock leaves (acne clearing), chickweed (acne clearing), flax tea resolves dryness, plantain tincture (2 spoonfuls after meals) fixed issues with menses but did not change tongue.
No or minimal results from: goldenrod, dandelion root and leaf, kudzu leaf, albizia julibrissin leaf.

Acne receded with frequent daily ingestion of beans to remove toxins from bile.