Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3 Day No-Sugar Challenge

Can you go without sugar for 3 days? I challenge you to try this and see how you feel!

The holidays have been fun this year, but also full of decadent treats and sweets. My poor acne has really taken a big hit this season! Not only have I noticed skin flare ups, but my cravings for sweets and fruits are very strong and my brain has been foggy which has made it a bit hard to remember all of the fun things from the season. 

I remember how my body used to work during the days before my time off. I did not crave sweets during the day and could easily go 5-6 hours without needing food between meals. I really enjoyed not constantly thinking about food all of the time and being able to resist that candy bowl with ease. It really let me dedicate my time to getting other things done.   

image from: http://foodtrainers.blogspot.com/

So in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions and getting yourself back on track, I’ve instituted a 3 day No-Sugar challenge! It’s tougher than you think, but will leave you feeling so powerful and in control afterwards. I hope you will read the details and consider undertaking the challenge yourself. I am looking forward to regaining my energy and mental clarity.

The Challenge:

Here is a list of restricted foods that during this 3 days cycle you will not consume:

The Sugars:
  •  Sugar 
  •  High fructose corn syrup 
  •  Artificial sweetener 
  •  All Fruits 
  •  Chocolate/Candy 
  •  Juice 
  •  Soda 
  •  Barbeque sauce 
  •  Ketchup 
  •  Salad dressings with sugar (red wine vinegar with some oil, salt, and pepper is a good dressing on its own) 
  •  Honey 
  •  Molasses 
  •  Syrup 
  •  Agave 
  •  Milk 
  •  Yogurt 
  •  Cream cheese
  • If you think a food tastes sweet, then it should be included on this list
The Sugar Producers-Carbs: (These foods are quickly broken down into sugars in the body)
  • Bread/Whole wheat/Wheat of any kind 
  •  Oats 
  •  Rye 
  •  Barley 
  •  Rice (try cauliflower rice instead)
  • Pasta noodles (try zucchini noodles instead) 
  •  Couscous 
  •  Quinoa 
  •  Potatoes 
  •  Sweet potatoes/yams 
  •  Any other starches you consume
Just because these vegetables are high in sugar, they should also be eliminated for now:
(I highly encourage you add these (also potatoes) back to your diet after the 3 days end as they are very healthy foods)
  • Beets 
  •  Carrots 
  •  Tomatoes

I challenge you to go without these foods for 3 days. It sounds like a long list, but there are many other foods you can consume instead. 

I've compiled some pointers for you challengers:

Tips for Surviving and Thriving with Low Sugar:

  • Drink lots of tasty hot or cold teas throughout the day. I love chai and peppermint! 
  •  Eat lots of vegetables, meats, and fats to keep you satiated (the best hunger satiating fats are going to be butter, coconut oil, and other animal based fats-think hamburger and bacon) 
  •  The first day is the hardest! It gets easier 
  •  Get out of the house/away from food. If you stay busy or have fun it is easy to forget about cravings 
  •  Try using some magnesium oil spray to abate cravings. It tends to work for chocoholics.
  • Drinking some seaweed (kombu/kelp) tea may also help stave off cravings.
  • Eat when you are hungry. Eat so much that you can’t eat anymore.
  • Be prepared for cravings by carrying no sugar snack alternatives. Such as: Nuts, avocados, celery, organic jerky, etc.  

What a great effort you have expended by committing to this challenge (I hope)! 
So what kind of results can you expect to see after completing this challenge? 
What is the point?

You may experience some or all of these benefits:
·       Enhanced mental capability
·        Reduced food cravings
·        Reduced headaches
·        Less dizziness
·        Less pain***I love this!
·        Less swelling
·        Reduction in skin inflammation
·        Improved stool quality
·        Improved moods/mental stability***This is very impressive too!
·        Less indigestion/stomach upset
·        Less bloating
·        Reduction in allergy symptoms
·        More energy and focus

I hope you undertake the challenge as well to see how you feel afterwards. It can easily be done over a long weekend and can increase your performance in all aspects of your life. Good luck in the New Year and stay well!

***Do be aware that after the first day or two, you may experience bacterial die off symptoms especially if you have a lot of bacterial or fungal overgrowth from sugar consumption. These may cause weakness/tiredness, headaches, and/or demanding hunger among other things. If you experience these, I recommend taking a probiotic and eating lots of vegetables. This will establish good bacteria that will decompose any toxic byproducts of die off. These good bacteria are maintained and fed off of the prebiotic substances that are primarily located in vegetables.